Free Extended Task Manager

Free Extended Task Manager 1.0

Free Extended Task Manager 1.0 provides additional process management features
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Free Extended Task Manager 1.0 provides additional process management features. This program also gives information about the disk activity and the network port usage. This program can be installed in English, German, Dutch, Polish or Russian. Once installed, the program stays as an animated icon in the system tray. The icon will graph the CPU usage in real time. Clicking on that icon will open the main program window. It has a tabbed interface. Pressing on each tab will show you specific information. The Summary tab will display a list of the running applications, allowing you to end a task or switch to the processes list. This tab will also display four graphs, that will monitor the CPU usage, Page File, IO and Networking activity, along with memory and processes statistics.

The Applications tab will show you icons for each running application. "Processes" will display a list of the processes running, allowing you to freeze or kill any process. "Services" will show the list of services running. "Performance" will display graphs and statistics about the CPU and memory usage and the Disk I/O History. "Networking" will show a graph with the network utilization. "Users" will display a list of the connected users, allowing you to disconnect or logoff users, or send a message to them. "Ports" shows you a detailed list about the ports being used, and the programs that are using them.

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